About Us


Narcissus opened its doors in early winter of 1989, bringing exquisite lingerie and sleepwear to Tallahassee, but specializing in outstanding customer service.

Quickly growing in popularity, customers wanted more which led to the addition of offering quality, high-end swimwear. Still to this day, customers talk about the longevity of the swimwear they collected over the years. As our client base grew, so did the need to offer high-end clothing in the capital of Florida. Narcissus expanded both in size, and in categories; ready to wear, shoes, bags, jewelry, formal gowns, perfume, and more! In 2010, Tory Burch was added to our brand mix, best known for her designer bags, shoes, and clothing. Over 34 years of styling customers one-on-one, Narcissus proudly sits at the corner of Timberlane & Market Street.